CSS在网站设计中是不可或缺的组成部分,随着时间的推移,现在css.html” target=”_blank”>css的教程质量得到了显著的提高,css拥有着无穷的发挥力,爱站小编在这里为大家介绍的就是关于CSS的神奇技巧的内容。

1. 跨浏览器的CSS幻灯片

Amazing demonstration of how to create a cross browser image gallery using just CSS.

2. 基于CSS的图像地图

This tutorial demonstrates a crazy way to create an image map using just CSS.

3. 纯CSS的LightBox灯箱效果

Create a lighbox using just CSS with no JavaScript required.

4. CSS图片替换技术制作的按钮

Replace the submit buttons with images using CSS, degrades back to submit button if CSS is disabled.

5. 使用CSS实现的动画导航菜单

Amazing tutorial on how to create an animated navigation menu using just CSS.

6. 纯CSS实现的树型导航菜单

Create a tree like navigation from nested lists of links. Very useful for creating sitemaps.

7. CSS渐变文字效果

Create eye-catching titles with nice gradient effect using just CSS.

8. CSS菜单列表设计

Very easy to understand tutorial on how to create a menu list using either CSS border-style or background-image property.

9. 使用CSS负边距创建自适应的布局

Amazing way to create a liquid layout using negative margins

10. CSS绝对底部教程

This might occur to you some time when a content page has not enough content to fill the page, so footer also moves up due to this. This tutorial shows you how to deal with this and make footer stay at bottom even when content is not enough.

11. 简单、灵活的CSS面包屑导航

Create a nice scalable breadcrumb navigation

12. 漂亮的引用设计

Make the blockquotes in your content or blog posts standout from rest of content. Very useful to highlight major points in long content pages.

13. CSS实现的柱状图表

Display graphs on your website using just CSS without any JavaScript or other heavy plugins.

14. 如何使用链接列表创建一个块状悬停效果

15. CSS多列列表

This article shows all possible ways you can use to stack up an unordered list into multiple columns.

16. 使用CSS图片合并技术制作的日期显示

If you have ever visited Learning jQuery then you might have noticed the awesome date display next to each blog post. This tutorial will show you how to achieve that using CSS Sprites.

17. 使用CSS美化你的日期和留言背景

Display date and comments on your blog posts in a nice way that takes less space.

18. 如果CSS实现的图片浏览器

Create a nice image viewer using CSS that will work even if user has disabled flash and JavaScript in the browser.

19. 创建一个CSS图像预加载

Use the CSS background-image property to preload images without any javascript required.

20. 渐变淡出的页面底部效果

This tutorial shows you how to make page content fade away into the bottom of the page just like the fortuito.us blog.

21. 很酷很创新的CSS边框使用技巧