1、spread instinctively 本能地传播

2、rouse instinctively 凭直觉激发

3、fear instinctively 本能地害怕

4、trust instinctively 凭直觉信任

5、push instinctively 自然地伸展



英 [ɪn’tjuːɪtɪvli]   美 [ɪn’tjuːɪtɪvli]    

adv. 直觉地,直观地

例句:We must try to understand intuitively the history of various social groups.




adv. 直觉地;直观地

一、读音:英 [ɪn’tjuːɪtɪvli];美 [ɪn’tjuːɪtɪvli]    


Intuitively, they are seeking a more balanced cell.


三、原型词:intuitive 直觉的



一、意思:adv. 自然地;天生地

二、读音:英 [’nætʃrəli];美 [’nætʃrəli]    


Intemperance is naturally punished with diseases.



1、act naturally 不做作

2、behave naturally 举止自然

3、curl naturally 自然卷


Information Gain
Name: Information Gain

CrossReferences: Entropy
FOIL’s Information Gain
The Information Gain is a measure based on Entropy.
a set E of classified examples and
a partition P = {E1, …, En} of E.
The Information Gain is defined as
ig(E, P) := entropy(E) – entropy(Ei) * |Ei| / |E|
Intuitively spoken the Information Gain measures the decrease of the weighted average impurity of the partitions E1, …, En, compared with the impurity of the complete set of examples
另外还可以用信息增益作为关键词搜索pdf文件,我搜到了可是上班的机子没有adobe reader,剩下的自己搞定吧!

“情景喜剧” 用英语怎么说

情景喜剧的英文:situation comedy、sitcom


1、situation comedy

英文发音:[ˌsɪtʃueɪʃn ˈkɒmədi]



The careers of many movie stars began in situation comedy.






I heard that a new sitcom is coming out next season.








This is, counter-intuitively, an ideal situation.






By now Murphy is Hollywood’s top male comedy star



It is clear that the 21st century more emphasis on human capacity requirements. International Board of Education that 21 highly educated people is not necessarily a high-capacity, and submitted to the United Nations in the report had mentioned several times the capacity of training. They said: “intuitively, aware of, so that a collective judgement and the ability to closely unite, they do not necessarily hold the highest diploma of the unique capabilities“, “ability is unique to each mixture, it adopted the technology And access to vocational training in the strict sense of qualifications, social behaviour, collaboration, creative ability and spirit of adventure together. “
Facts have fully proved that the Commission’s proposal is quite correct. All successful people do things, because they possess the overall quality of a person’s ability.
October 1993, the third of the Top Ten Young Pioneers announced the selection activities. The event is from the CYL Central Committee, Work Committee and the national congress organized by China Central Television authoritative assessment, naturally aroused the wide attention of the whole society. When the 10 elected juvenile appearance in the Central Television Station on January 1, people can not help议论纷纷: “Look, the Beijing girls Su Chin top of the list, she cited what is shocking» “
Indeed, the Soviet Union into the tube and living in the first, surprised some people’s congresses. Even her leg of the Beijing Normal University Experimental High School, some students are not convinced: “What kind of schools we pick of Health did not, ah, the international students to take the gold medal, Su Chin has not even a silver medal, the examination Score is not the highest, and on what basis she was elected! “Yes ah, selected from the 130 million young pioneers in the“ Top Ten “, a 13 million-ah!
However, when people with modern education in view of the Soviet Union into the time when people as the ability to be in a standard, people can not be wrong Su Chin convinced, because people will find that the ability of the concept in the Soviet Union into a full body Embodied.
It also needs Congtoushuiqi. Su Chin’s father called Su Ge, in the United States pursue a master’s degree and doctorate at Harvard University and obtained a post-doctoral qualifications. In order to serve the motherland, he rejected the three universities at the invitation of the United States, decided with his wife and children back to his hometown of Xi’an in Shaanxi Province. At that time, Su Chin has a 9-year-old, a primary school in the United States finished third grade. After the return to the motherland, to her daughter Su Ge contact the Shaanxi Province Xi’an Foreign Language Institute Fuzhuxiaoxue the hope that her daughter went from fourth grade reading. Su Chin their own course, is the idea.
However, in the diagnostic examination into the school, teachers found that while the Soviet Union into a fluent English, but the Chinese have a very low level, she could understand the mathematics that on the blackboard, or even only to write “workers“ two Chinese characters. No way, the principal had to let Su Chin from the first grade repeaters.
The president’s decision, Su Chin 100 not happy: I have a 9-year-old, from the first grade Reading, the 15-year-old primary school to graduate, all are not wasted? » Parents feel that the statements were made by the daughter of the right, after repeated consultations with school principals, principals only reluctantly agreed Su inserted into the third grade try.
Sitting in the third grade classroom, and the Soviet Union into the approximate level of illiteracy due to Chinese, not only do teachers do not understand the written word, I even do not understand what the teacher said. Whenever the teacher on the blackboard for students to copy the title, Su Chin Huang Liaoshen more children. She Zhaomaohuahu a painting of a written Jiman, such as teachers obliterating the time to write a new title, she copied the old that not counting. Seeing his students lagging far behind the Victory of the Soviet Union into the very heart decided to challenge himself.
The classroom, her rapt attention, Bian Tingbian write Moji, listen to the teachers do not know how to use gestures and facial expressions to understand. She returned to the family home of all things are tagged with a label in English and Chinese, who wherever he went, I remember where, just like Zhao Lemo. In order to independent study, she not only learned how to Chazi Dian, or even to feel the thickness will be able to search under the word alarming degree. She never requested the teachers care, and, like other students to complete work on time. After the final exam, Su Chin won the report card: 93 minutes language, mathematics 95 hours, 98 minutes of art, music 100 points, &127; ideological and moral quality.
Who can believe that a transfer from Xi’an to Beijing’s primary and secondary school students, even their own procedures for transfer of running the » When she Jiaodao Chu, director of a person standing in front of the time, she That self-confidence and calm so that people can amazing.
Su Chin is a dare to take the risk, be good at seizing every opportunity to exercise their own people. The 12-year-old, home to the three foreign visitors. Their first time to Beijing, would like to visit the Great Wall. However, that period of time from busy parents who do not open. At that time, Su Chin initiative Qingying: “When I came to tour!“ Parents listened to the Soviet Union into the case, the Lengzhu. We should know that Su Jin only to the United States before been to a great wall, then she can only 4-year-old ah. After eight years, she can do it » Despite the hearts full of worry, parents still agreed to the idea of a Su-Jin, they also intend to give the Soviet Union into the exercise. The results, Su Chin really satisfactorily completed the task of tour guides.
Su Chin is a know tolerance, the children know how to cooperate. Once, a class of boys in order to embarrass Jin Su, deliberately into other people’s watches her bags, would like to create things Su Jin stole the “facts.“ After investigations by the teachers, some students thought that Su Chin-Export can not be with him,谁知, and the Soviet Union into a mockery of it also did not say, but also continue to help boys who tutorial homework.
From Su Chin, who do you feel the international 21st century education as advocated by several capacities » She Although only a young age, they know how to cultivate the ability to give top priority.
Life, although some people have very good academic performance, but the lower capacity, so even their lives can not take care of themselves, many missed the golden opportunity. An only son, has always been top-notch academic performance, has successfully completed a post-graduate courses, about to be sent abroad to pursue a doctorate. A happy person, but Xinshichongchong only son, then panic disturbing. In fact, one would think of going abroad to stay away from her mother, who did not care for his life, he would speed up the heartbeat. The results, he is suffering from a “fear of going abroad“, not only can not go abroad, even day-to-day learning and life can not go on, can only be checked into the hospital …… In contrast, such a person can be qualified People? » So the psychological quality, how can we face the future » And how can they can do a good job »
Today, advocating capacity has become the consensus of people around the world. Some visionary entrepreneurs, employers have the ability to serve as an important standard, but is used, not re-educated. The world-famous founder of Japan’s Sony Corp. Shengtianzhaofu the 1960s when it wrote one entitled “Go to hell qualifications,“ the best-selling book. In his book, he reprimanded the Japanese popular over which the University of selecting and employing people as a standard practice. In order to make their own staff to play their wisdom and intelligence, not academic restrictions, he decided to burn all the staff of the company’s personnel file, and claimed that the staff of Sony Corporation of the use or promotion, do not look at qualifications and diplomas, and look at the normal Efforts and capabilities.
If Xiangkao diploma Hun Fanchi, can only be eliminated. This approach so that Sony has always been full of vitality in the commercial competition in an invincible position.
If you want to compete in the future society in an invincible position, always remember: the ability is more important than academic qualifications.

情境的英语翻译 情境用英语怎么说

情境 situation;Scenario;Context
情境领导 situational leadership;target selection;Circumstances Lead
情境面试 Situational interview;human resources Situational interview;circumstantial interview



counter-intuitive音标:英 [ˌkaʊntər ɪnˈtjuːɪtɪv],美 [ˌkaʊntər ɪnˈtuːɪtɪv]。

派生词: counter-intuitively adv.


This is a bit of a counter-intuitive thing.




1、counter音标:英 [ˈkaʊntə(r)],美 [ˈkaʊntər]。










1、intuitive音标:英 [ɪnˈtjuːɪtɪv],美 [ɪnˈtuːɪtɪv]。




3、派生词: intuitively adv.

4、记忆技巧:in 不 + tuit 保护;指导,教育 + ive 有…性质的 → 直觉的。




We both love to dance and enjoy the art of dance, and we connected as soon as we danced. 


All common interests we’re both passionate about. It was a bit like a Vulcan mind meld


You softly replied: “hearts which beat in unison are linked.“


The ancients said: heart to heart. Love is the edge of love, their love together. 


Instead of two hearts beating as one, we have the grim reality of two salaries needed to pay the bills.

6、Our timing is impeccable and we are totally in sync with what is going on. 



we are in sync直接翻译过来是“我们步调一致”。是比较西式的说法;这句话并不能完全翻译成心有灵犀,但绝对包含有之个意思,也就是对外国人说这个他们会觉得很地道。

What we are doingis in perfect sync with what SAP’s CTO, Vishal Sikka, promotes in his vision around timeless software, and Vishal even mentions Blue Ruby in his blog as an example.