Where is a problem which comes to the visitor of tour in Peking to usually inquire about’s ising the beard of Peking together.The beard of Peking originated a dollar generation at the earliest stage together, the most hours contain more than 6000s, the history was the earliest is dynasty the sun avenue and east inside the door four it the one beard of programed together very tidy, beard together and beard together it the distance of was mostly same.South north alignment of general is street, opposite compare breadth, such as from train station in Peking up to dynasty south small street and north small street of avenue inside the sun door, because of past with walk wagon is lord, so also call street.The thing heads for of general is a beard together, opposite more narrow with walk artificial lord, beard together both sides generally and all is four match a hospital.
Divide the line from the geography position, ex- door with the beard of north same sort more breadth, program more tidy, ex- door with south of beard same sort is more narrow, programing is not tidy either.At Manchu dynasty, pure government for the sake of safety, disallow other parts of country to come to personnel in the city to live in the capital city, so the other parts of country person concentrates to live fore door and 崇 text door outside, also therefore became an ex- door business district;Many in the foreign personnel is come to city to rush through to test of raise a person, so became the azure stone factory cultural street, there are many amusement places in overpass region, the theater in Peking also all concentrates in the south city.
The place of common people concentration activity inside city in Peking is in the sea of 什刹 a take.
Because the beard of Peking isn’t together concentrated, generally also impassability car, sight-see more tired, this station chose some beards together of photograph with provide the understanding beard the together general circumstance.
“Beard in money City together“ is together the most narrow beard of Peking(left diagram and descend diagram), locating an ex- door outside jewelry City avenue.In the past this beard together all of insides were together money shops, so called beard in money City.The beard wins the most narrow place to only have 80 cms of the breadths together, two people meet only the side wear body and then can pass by.The beard is together long to be about 3410 meters.
Old Peking beard together
The beard is together a great special features of Peking.When a modernize international metropolis in the beard together of ruins up rise straight from the ground of time, people are worrying:Would the beard elapse together?As it does probably just, someone again 拣 has 1 to seem to be an old topic:Beard together is how become streets and lanes of name of?Is this phrase to how builds out?Put forward new look, so today again old words heavy say.
A, “beard together“ isn’t a Chinese language at the beginning
Beard same phrase sees a various dollar a miscellaneous song at the beginning.Close 汉卿《broad sword meeting 》medium, there is the language of“kill a blood beard together“.Dollar miscellaneous play 《sand door the island piece living to cook sea 》medium, the piece feather asks plum joss-stick:“Where is your house lived?“The plum joss-stick says:“My house lives the brick tower son beard together.“The brick tower beard is together four south avenues at the west, the place name didn’t change up to now.Dollar person bear dream 祥著《the ambition of 析津》medium say understand:“The beard is two words this dialect.“Dialect where, dollar mostly of.Clear person the placard says further in 《 the 宛 office miscellaneously record 》 :Beard together this person’s language.Since is a dollar person’s language, that can’t be the Chinese language.The dollar generation divides the line a person to four to wait:Mongols, the eyes person of the color, Hahn people, south person.So-called Hahn people, point Hahn people, female true person, the person of 契丹 , tall 丽 person of north.These four kinds of people not same race, also don’t use same language.So“dollar person’s language“’s ising also affirmative isn’t “south person’s language“, as for color eyes person, include of the race is more.For this reason“dollar person’s language“ can be a language Mongolia.
Three, the strange name is original in the transliteration
Some beards in Peking together of name ream the person is strange, can’t explain because of using Chinese language.But, if the name making these beards becoming Mongolia the language together, very hermeneutic.Try to raise several example:The excrement hull 郎 beard together, this name has another unpleasant to hear, much ugly!Why do the at the beginning this place residents start to want so name?In fact this name translate Mongolia the language is “sweet water well“!There is one“墨 river beard together“ in the dynasty, Mongolia the meaning of the language is “have the well of flavor son“, being probably polluted.In addition, such as drum 哨 beard together(or write to do hoop 筲 a beard together), hard water well;Chrysanthemum son beard together or bureau son beard together, double well;碾 Son beard together or 辇 son beard together, thin well;Ba’s son beard together, small well;The horse good beard together or the beard of 蚂螂 provide the well of animal drinking together and particularly ……
There is still not a few“ hat beard together“ in Peking.“Hat beard together“ Mongolia language is bad well, break well of meaning, plus one surname before, express this bad well belongs to the a certain and privately owned.This not is lead long strong false assumption, the white hat beard has one“white return to beard together“ together and side and once, elucidation here once is a white surname the 穆斯 wood’s residence.But there is once one“house beard together“ in“pig hair beard together“ neighborhood, explained to really once live here surname somebody else.茅 Beard’s ising together nearby is the red bayberry bamboo inclined street.

caconhacviet nam

Recently, Shaanxi Armed Police Corps through online and offline interaction, coordinated Guangdong Armed Police Corps and Shaanxi, Guangdong public security organs, fiddling, successfully cracked the local staff on behalf of a suspected counterfeit soldiers trickster case.
“You see this man, no culture no diploma no account, or lieutenant colonel, this society is how it all about? Conscription army is not big inside the school levy in it? When a soldier, a woman casually bulbs?“ March 2015 30, netizens “sad orphans’ report and expressed indignation at its micro-Bo, and attach a uniformed indecent photos.
Upon receipt of the online report, the Armed Police Force organization immediately be verified. After investigation, the suspect on behalf of a person, male, Han nationality, born in June 1993, Nanzheng County of Shaanxi Province, after graduating from junior high school outside the home, rented in Xi’an Beilin Square, a district of East kiln. On behalf of a public trust for the use of the military to conceal his true identity, the long-term to the armed police headquarters in Xi’an, Shaanxi officer, company commander, military cadets and other counterfeit identity socialize on the Internet, and the fake military identity and benefit students in a university in Xi’an a meet and cohabitation. In February 2015, on behalf of a more multiply the benefits of a sleeping machine in its rental, nude and posted on the Internet.
Investigators suspect the law on behalf of a rented room has been searched, the scene have seized the 07 armed soldiers dressed in uniforms Spring 1 set (with armbands), armed police a long-sleeved shirt (with armbands), tie one armed, armed new Dayan Mao (with badge) 1, armed police sergeant, lieutenant rank each one, armed collar flower 2, the armed police headquarters chest standard one, armed name card 1 (on behalf of a), two involved phones (a large inner chats posing as soldiers, the armed police uniforms photo), and found a large number of uniformed military life themes photos and photos in their QQ space.
It is understood that, on behalf of a trickster counterfeiting soldier confessed to the crime. On behalf of a system due to local people, according to “handle the case involving military regulations,“ Shaanxi Armed Police Corps Security Department was April 30, 2015, the suspect and the relevant evidence on behalf of a data transfer Beilin Xi’an Public Security Bureau.




读音:英 [bɑː(r)]  美 [bɑːr]    

释义:n. 酒吧;条;横木;栅

vt. 禁止;阻挠;闩上;在 … 设栅栏

例句:There are several bars in the hotel.



读音:英 [keə(r)]   美 [ker]    

释义:v. 关心;担忧;照顾;喜爱;介意;倾向于;愿望;在乎

n. 小心;照料;忧虑;注意;护理

例句:It makes me feel good that you care about me.



读音:英 [stɑː(r)]    美 [stɑːr]    

释义:n. 星;明星  v. 以星状物装饰;变成演员

例句:A lonely star shone out against the black sky.



读音:英 [ɑːt]    美 [ɑːrt]    

释义:n. 艺术;美术;技巧;艺术品;人文学科;阴谋

adj. 艺术(品)的;美术(品)的

例句:She is capable of judging works of art.



读音:英 [ʃɑːk]    美 [ʃɑːrk]    

释义:n. 鲨鱼  n. 贪婪的人;放高利贷的人;老手

v. 诈取;诈骗

例句:The shark snapped its jaws shut.


Armbands 这个词在亚马逊是违禁吗

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Adolf Hitler was born on 20th April, 1889, in the small Austrian town of Braunau near the German border. Both Hitler’s parents had come from poor peasant families. His father Alois Hitler, the illegitimate son of a housemaid, was an intelligent and ambitious man and later became a senior customs official.
Klara Hitler was Alois’ third wife. Alois was twenty-three years older than Klara and already had two children from his previous marriages. Klara and Alois had five children but only Adolf and a younger sister, Paula, survived to become adults.
Alois, who was fifty-one when Adolf was born, was extremely keen for his son to do well in life. Alois did have another son by an earlier marriage but he had been a big disappointment to him and eventually ended up in prison for theft. Alois was a strict father and savagely beat his son if he did not do as he was told.
Hitler did extremely well at primary school and it appeared he had a bright academic future in front of him. He was also popular with other pupils and was much admired for his leadership qualities. He was also a deeply religious child and for a while considered the possibility of becoming a monk.
Competition was much tougher in the larger secondary school and his reaction to not being top of the class was to stop trying. His father was furious as he had high hopes that Hitler would follow his example and join the Austrian civil service when he left school. However, Hitler was a stubborn child and attempts by his parents and teachers to change his attitude towards his studies were unsuccessful.
Hitler also lost his popularity with his fellow pupils. They were no longer willing to accept him as one of their leaders. As Hitler liked giving orders he spent his time with younger pupils. He enjoyed games that involved fighting and he loved re-enacting battles from the Boer War. His favourite game was playing the role of a commando rescuing Boers from English concentration camps.
The only teacher Hitler appeared to like at secondary school was Leopold Potsch, his history master. Potsch, like many people living in Upper Austria, was a German Nationalist. Potsch told Hitler and his fellow pupils of the German victories over France in 1870 and 1871 and attacked the Austrians for not becoming involved in these triumphs. Otto von Bismarck, the first chancellor of the German Empire, was one of Hitler’s early historical heroes.
Hitler’s other main interest at school was art. His father was incensed when Hitler told him that instead of joining the civil service he was going to become an artist. The relationship between Hitler and his father deteriorated and the conflict only ended with the death of Alois Hitler in 1903.
Hitler was thirteen when his father died. His death did not cause the family financial hardships. The Hitler family owned their own home and they also received a lump sum and a generous civil service pension.
Klara Hitler, a kind and gentle woman, tended to spoil her son. Like her husband she was keen for Adolf to do well at school. Her attempts at persuasion achieved no more success than her husband’s threats and he continued to obtain poor grades.
At the age of fifteen he did so badly in his examinations that he was told he would have to repeat the whole year’s work again. Hitler hated the idea and managed to persuade his mother to allow him to leave school without a secondary education qualification. He celebrated by getting drunk. However, he found it an humiliating experience and vowed never to get drunk again. He kept his promise and by the time he reached his thirties he had given up alcohol completely.
When he was eighteen Hitler received an inheritance from his father’s will. With the money he moved to Vienna where he planned to become an art student. Hitler had a high opinion of his artistic abilities and was shattered when the Vienna Academy of Art rejected his application. He also applied to the Vienna School of Architecture but was not admitted because he did not have a school leaving certificate.
Hitler was humiliated by these two rejections and could not bring himself to tell his mother what had happened. Instead he continued to live in Vienna pretending he was an art student.
In 1907 Klara Hitler died from cancer. Her death affected him far more deeply than the death of his father. He had fond memories of his mother, carried her photograph wherever he went and, it is claimed, had it in his hand when he died in 1945.
As the eldest child, Hitler now received his father’s civil service pension. It was more money than many people received in wages and meant that Hitler did not have to find employment. He spent most of the morning in bed reading and in the afternoon he walked around Vienna studying buildings, visiting museums, and making sketches.
In 1909 Hitler should have registered for military service. He was unwilling to serve Austria, which he despised, so he ignored his call-up papers. It took four years for the authorities to catch up with him. When he had his medical for the Austro-Hungarian Army in 1914 he was rejected as being: “Unfit for combatant and auxiliary duty – too weak. Unable to bear arms.“
The outbreak of the First World War provided him with an opportunity for a fresh start. It was a chance for him to become involved in proving that Germany was superior to other European countries. Hitler claimed that when he heard the news of war: “I was overcome with impetuous enthusiasm, and falling on my knees, wholeheartedly thanked Heaven that I had been granted the happiness to live live at this time. Rejecting the idea of fighting for Austria, Hitler volunteered for the German Army. In times of war medical examinations are not so rigorous.
Hitler liked being in the army. For the first time he was part of a group that was fighting for a common goal. Hitler also liked the excitement of fighting in a war. Although fairly cautious in his actions, he did not mind risking his life and impressed his commanding officers for volunteering for dangerous missions.
His fellow soldiers described him as “odd“ and “peculiar“. One soldier from his regiment, Hans Mend, claimed that Hitler was an isolated figure who spent long periods of time sitting in the corner holding his head in silence. Then all of a sudden, Mend claimed, he would jump up and make a speech. These outbursts were usually attacks on Jews and Marxists who Hitler claimed were undermining the war effort.
Hitler was given the job of despatch-runner. It was a dangerous job as it involved carrying messages from regimental headquarters to the front-line. On one day alone, three out of eight of the regiment’s despatch-runners were killed. For the first time since he was at primary school Hitler was a success.
Hitler won five medals including the prestigious Iron Cross during the First World War. His commanding officer wrote: “As a dispatch-runner, he has shown cold-blooded courage and exemplary boldness. Under conditions of great peril, when all the communication lines were cut, the untiring and fearless activity of Hitler made it possible for important messages to go through“.
Although much decorated in the war, Hitler only reached the rank of corporal. This was probably due to his eccentric behaviour and the fear that the other soldiers might not obey the man they considered so strange.
In October 1918, Hitler was blinded in a British chlorine gas attack. He was sent to a military hospital and gradually recovered his sight. While he was in hospital Germany surrendered. Hitler went into a state of deep depression, and had periods when he could not stop crying. He spent most of his time turned towards the hospital wall refusing to talk to anyone. Once again Hitler’s efforts had ended in failure.
After the war Hitler was stationed in Munich, the capital of Bavaria. While Hitler was in Munich, the capital of Bavaria, Kurt Eisner, leader of the Independent Socialist Party, declared Bavaria a Socialist Republic. Hitler was appalled by the revolution. As a German Nationalist he disagreed with the socialist belief in equality.
Hitler saw socialism as part of a Jewish conspiracy. Many of the socialist leaders in Germany, including Kurt Eisner, Rosa Luxemburg, Ernst Toller and Eugen Levine were Jews. So also were many of the leaders of the October Revolution in Russia. This included Leon Trotsky, Gregory Zinoviev, Lev Kamenev, Dimitri Bogrov, Karl Radek, Yakov Sverdlov, Maxim Litvinov, Adolf Joffe, and Moisei Uritsky. It had not escaped Hitler’s notice that Karl Marx, the prophet of socialism, had also been a Jew.
It was no coincidence that Jews had joined socialist and communist parties in Europe. Jews had been persecuted for centuries and therefore were attracted to a movement that proclaimed that all men and women deserved to be treated as equals. This message was reinforced when on 10th July, 1918, the Bolshevik government in Russia passed a law that abolished all discrimination between Jews and non-Jews.
It was not until May, 1919 that the German Army entered Munich and overthrew the Bavarian Socialist Republic. Hitler was arrested with other soldiers in Munich and was accused of being a socialist. Hundreds of socialists were executed without trial but Hitler was able to convince them that he had been an opponent of the regime. To prove this he volunteered to help to identify soldiers who had supported the Socialist Republic. The authorities agreed to this proposal and Hitler was transferred to the commission investigating the revolution.
Information supplied by Hitler helped to track down several soldiers involved in the uprising. His officers were impressed by his hostility to left-wing ideas and he was recruited as a political officer. Hitler’s new job was to lecture soldiers on politics. The main aim was to promote his political philosophy favoured by the army and help to combat the influence of the Russian Revolution on the German soldiers.
Hitler, who had for years been ignored when he made political speeches, now had a captive audience. The political climate had also changed. Germany was a defeated and disillusioned country. At Versailles the German government had been forced to sign a peace treaty that gave away 13% of her territory. This meant the loss of 6 million people, a large percentage of her raw materials (65% of iron ore reserves, 45% of her coal, 72% of her zinc) and 10% of her factories. Germany also lost all her overseas colonies.
Under the terms of the Versailles Treaty Germany also had to pay for damage caused by the war. These reparations amounted to 38% of her national wealth.
Hitler was no longer isolated. The German soldiers who attended his lectures shared his sense of failure. They found his message that they were not to blame attractive. He told them that Germany had not been beaten on the battlefield but had been betrayed by Jews and Marxists who had preached revolution and undermined the war effort.
The German Army also began using Hitler as a spy. In September 1919, he was instructed to attend a meeting of the German Worker’s Party (GWP). The army feared that this new party, led by Anton Drexler, might be advocating communist revolution. Hitler discovered that the party’s political ideas were similar to his own. He approved of Drexler’s German nationalism and anti-Semitism but was unimpressed with the way the party was organized. Although there as a spy, Hitler could not restrain himself when a member made a point he disagreed with, and he stood up and made a passionate speech on the subject.
Drexler was impressed with Hitler’s abilities as an orator and invited him to join the party. At first Hitler was reluctant, but urged on by his commanding officer, Captain Karl Mayr, he eventually agreed. He was only the fifty-fourth person to join the GWP. Hitler was immediately asked to join the executive committee and was later appointed the party’s propaganda manager.
In the next few weeks Hitler brought several members of his army into the party, including one of his commanding officers, Captain Ernst Roehm. The arrival of Roehm was an important development as he had access to the army political fund and was able to transfer some of the money into the GWP.
The German Worker’s Party used some of this money to advertise their meetings. Hitler was often the main speaker and it was during this period that he developed the techniques that made him into such a persuasive orator.
Hitler always arrived late which helped to develop tension and a sense of expectation. He took the stage, stood to attention and waited until there was complete silence before he started his speech. For the first few months Hitler appeared nervous and spoke haltingly. Slowly he would begin to relax and his style of delivery would change. He would start to rock from side to side and begin to gesticulate with his hands. His voice would get louder and become more passionate. Sweat poured of him, his face turned white, his eyes bulged and his voice cracked with emotion. He ranted and raved about the injustices done to Germany and played on his audience’s emotions of hatred and envy. By the end of the speech the audience would be in a state of near hysteria and were willing to do whatever Hitler suggested.
As soon as his speech finished Hitler would quickly leave the stage and disappear from view. Refusing to be photographed, Hitler’s aim was to create an air of mystery about himself, hoping that it would encourage others to come and hear the man who was now being described as “the new Messiah“.
Hitler’s reputation as an orator grew and it soon became clear that he was the main reason why people were joining the party. This gave Hitler tremendous power within the organization as they knew they could not afford to lose him. One change suggested by Hitler concerned adding “Socialist“ to the name of the party. Hitler had always been hostile to socialist ideas, especially those that involved racial or sexual equality. However, socialism was a popular political philosophy in Germany after the First World War. This was reflected in the growth in the German Social Democrat Party (SDP), the largest political party in Germany.
Hitler, therefore redefined socialism by placing the word ’National’ before it. He claimed he was only in favour of equality for those who had “German blood“. Jews and other “aliens“ would lose their rights of citizenship, and immigration of non-Germans should be brought to an end.
In February 1920, the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP) published its first programme which became known as the “25 Points“. In the programme the party refused to accept the terms of the Versailles Treaty and called for the reunification of all German people. To reinforce their ideas on nationalism, equal rights were only to be given to German citizens. “Foreigners“ and “aliens“ would be denied these rights.
To appeal to the working class and socialists, the programme included several measures that would redistribute income and war profits, profit-sharing in large industries, nationalization of trusts, increases in old-age pensions and free education.
On 24th February, 1920, the NSDAP (later nicknamed the Nazi Party) held a mass rally where it announced its new programme. The rally was attended by over 2,000 people, a great improvement on the 25 people who were at Hitler’s first party meeting.
Hitler knew that the growth in the party was mainly due to his skills as an orator and in the autumn of 1921 he challenged Anton Drexler for the leadership of the party. After brief resistance Drexler accepted the inevitable, and Hitler became the new leader of the Nazi Party.
Hitler’s ability to arouse in his supporters emotions of anger and hate often resulted in their committing acts of violence. In September 1921, Hitler was sent to prison for three months for being part of a mob who beat up a rival politician.
When Hitler was released, he formed his own private army called Sturm Abteilung (Storm Section). The SA (also known as stormtroopers or brownshirts) were instructed to disrupt the meetings of political opponents and to protect Hitler from revenge attacks. Captain Ernst Roehm of the Bavarian Army played an important role in recruiting these men, and Hermann Goering, a former air-force pilot, became their leader.
Hitler’s stormtroopers were often former members of the Freikorps (right-wing private armies who flourished during the period that followed the First World War) and had considerable experience in using violence against their rivals.
The SA wore grey jackets, brown shirts (khaki shirts originally intended for soldiers in Africa but purchased in bulk from the German Army by the Nazi Party), swastika armbands, ski-caps, knee-breeches, thick woolen socks and combat boots. Accompanied by bands of musicians and carrying swastika flags, they would parade through the streets of Munich. At the end of the march Hitler would make one of his passionate speeches that encouraged his supporters to carry out acts of violence against Jews and his left-wing political opponents.
As this violence was often directed against Socialists and Communists, the local right-wing Bavarian government did not take action against the Nazi Party. However, the national government in Berlin were concerned and passed a “Law for the Protection of the Republic“. Hitler’s response was to organize a rally attended by 40,000 people. At the meeting Hitler called for the overthrow of the German government and even suggested that its leaders should be executed.
In 1923 the German Government had to deal with a series of difficult problems. In January the French Army occupied the Ruhr because they claimed Germany was falling behind with her reparations. Workers in the Ruhr responded by going on strike which badly hurt the German economy. One of the consequences of this was rapid inflation. As people found their savings becoming worthless, they turned against their government.
On 13th August, Gustav Stresemann became the new Chancellor of Germany. When Stresemann decided to call off resistance to the French occupation of the Ruhr and to start paying reparations to the Allies again, Hitler decided it was time for him to become the new leader of Germany.
On 8th November, 1923, the Bavarian government held a meeting of about 3,000 officials. While Gustav von Kahr, the leader of the Bavarian government was making a speech, Hitler and armed stormtroopers entering the building. Hitler jumped onto a table, fired two shots in the air and told the audience that the Munich Putsch was taking place and the National Revolution had began.
Leaving Hermann Goering and the SA to guard the 3,000 officials, Hitler took Gustav von Kahr, Otto von Lossow, the commander of the Bavarian Army and Hans von Seisser, the commandant of the Bavarian State Police into an adjoining room. Hitler told the men that he was to be the new leader of Germany and offered them posts in his new government. Aware that this would be an act of high treason, the three men were initially reluctant to agree to this offer. Hitler was furious and threatened to shoot them and then commit suicide: “I have three bullets for you, gentlemen, and one for me!“ After this the three men agreed.
Soon afterwards Eric Ludendorff arrived. Ludendorff had been leader of the German Army at the end of the First World War. He had therefore found Hitler’s claim that the war had not been lost by the army but by Jews, Socialists, Communists and the German government, attractive, and was a strong supporter of the Nazi Party. Ludendorff agreed to become head of the the German Army in Hitler’s government.

这句话no armbands beyond this point是 游泳池警示牌上的,什么意思

armbands本身是袖章的意思,这里应该是用armbands来代表优秀的人或者一类人群,所以本人理解no armbands也就是:任何人不准超越此界限游泳



Helm of the Silver Ranger][银色游侠头盔]
[Collar of Ceaseless Torment][无尽苦痛项圈]

Windrunner’s Spaulders of Triumph][风行者的凯旋护肩]
装备出处:[北伐奖章]×1 + [凯旋纹章]×45
Cloak of the Silver Covenant][锯齿利刃披风]

Windrunner’s Tunic of Triumph][风行者的凯旋外套]
装备出处:[北伐奖章]×1 + [凯旋纹章]×75
Crusader’s Dragonscale Bracers][十字军的龙鳞护腕]
Armbands of the Northern Stalker][北地追猎者臂甲]

Gloves of the Silver Assassin][银色刺客手套]
Belt of Deathly Dominion][死亡统御护腰]

Legguards of the Lurking Threat][危机潜伏腿甲]
Windrunner’s Legguards of Triumph][风行者的凯旋腿甲]
装备出处:[北伐奖章]×1 + [凯旋纹章]×45 / 25人阿尔卡冯的宝库“火”

Sentinel Scouting Greaves][哨兵侦察胫甲]
Planestalker Signet][巡界指环]
Runed Band of the Kirin Tor][祈伦托符文指环]
ng of Callous Aggression][无情侵掠指环]
Death’s Verdict (Agility)][死亡的裁决]
Darkmoon Card: Greatness][暗月卡片:伟大]
Mark of Supremacy][霸权印记]


火法: 1法伤 = 1分,1命中= 0.9分,1爆 = 0.9分,1加速 = 0.9分 ,1智力 = 0.3分(爆击分0.25,续航分0.05),1精神 = 0.8分 (火甲得分0.54,续航得分0.06,2t9特效0.2分,我默认你拥有2t9)
奥法:1法伤= 1分,1命中 = 0分(很容易凑满),1加速= 0.9分,1爆= 0.6分, 1智力= 0.8分 ,1精神 = 0.6分(火甲得分0.35,续航得分0.15,2t9特效得分0.1分,同样默认你拥有2t9)
多彩宝石,混乱多彩的升级版依然是法师的唯一选择,属性为3%爆奖励提升 = 2.5-3% dps提升 = 75-90分,价值,21爆率=17分,所以多彩孔按照100分计算。
灵风之冠 25人黑龙
81耐92智10冰抗10暗抗 150法伤86爆64命中 [多彩黄9伤]
火 400
奥 360,敢少来点命中吗!
Flowing Vestments of Ascent
H飞升流动法衣 H25北裂境巨兽 衣服
Skyweaver Robes
H织天者长袍 H25双子 衣服
火 356
奥 322
梅林之袍 裁缝出品
火 371
奥 403,最佳衣服之一,推荐
火 401
奥 412,无命中,超高法伤,强力的象征
Leggings of the Soothing Touch
H舒缓之触护腿 H25领主 裤子
Leggings of the Deepening Void
H虚无深郁护腿 H25小强 裤子
火 357
奥 364
Boots of the Mourning Widow
H悲伤寡妇长靴 H25阵营勇士 鞋子
Footpads of the Icy Floe
H霜结浮冰薄靴 H25小强 鞋子
火 306
奥 325,手套没命中了,但是依然是性价比之王!
Gloves of the Lifeless Touch
H无生命之触手套 H25小强 手套
Armbands of the Ashen Saint H25小强
Bindings of Dark Essence
H25双子 肩膀
Cord of the Tenebrous
H阴晦迷雾之索 H25北裂境巨兽
Cord of Biting Cold
H刺骨寒冻之索 H25阵营勇士 腰带
Armbands of the Ashen Saint h小强
火228分 奥249分
珠宝缀饰巫师护腕 裁缝
火 203
奥 220,10000g而已
火 878 奥 825,pvp武器打pve还是不行的
火 893 奥 941
火 878 奥 893
火 936 奥 951,入手难度不太高,变态的象征
冰冷汇聚(困难) 小强
火 904 奥 936,评论同上一个,比normal 25的武器舒服很多
Blade of the Unbroken Covenant
单手剑 58耐58智力39爆55急速701法伤黄5伤
火784 奥797
龙龟之刃 25人1号
火731 奥719,n大拿了一个后悔的要死,因为10人h的武器太好……
碧空之歌 25人黑龙
chalice of searing light h双子
火210 奥215
Symbol of Transgression
H违罪符记 H25人领主 副手
Chalice of Searing Light
H灼热之光酒杯 H25人双子 副手
火204 奥193
硫磺燃者 牌子
火108分 奥 93分,你缺命中的话还是不错的……
禁锢灵魂节杖(困难) 北裂境巨兽
火108 奥113
168法伤,类似于电容器,3爆累计后 ?到 ?伤害
150法伤,类似于电容器,3爆累计后 1741到 2023伤害
flare of the heavens
Shard of the Crystal Heart 50牌子
Talisman of Resurgence
Fetish of Volatile Power
Wail of the Val’kyr
H华尔琪之嚎 H25双子 项链
Jaina’s Radiance 披风
Bolvar’s Devotion 披风
Cloak of Displacement
H移位披风 H25人阵营勇士 披风
Shawl of the Refreshing Winds
H清新之风披巾 H25人1号 披风
Band of Deplorable Violence
H可悲暴力指环 H25小强
戒指 65耐65智力50精神53爆91法伤黄5伤
塑能师指环 牌子
火 191
奥 210,其实这个是性价比最高的牌子装
屠龙指环 黑龙头任务交换