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inferred annotations available,full signature是什么意思

Inferred annotations available,full signature.
Inferred:推断( infer的过去式和过去分词 ); 间接地提出; 暗示; 意指
annotations:附注; 注释( annotation的名词复数 )
full signature:完整签名


(woman) Thanks for making my coffee this morning.
W 谢谢你早上给我做咖啡
(man) I figured you’d need it to get you going after a day like yesterday.
M 我觉察到你可能需要它使你坚持过像昨天的一天。
【get you going可以按照语境翻译成使你前进/度过等等,这里似乎表现出了女人昨天的辛苦,所以翻译成坚持】
(narrator) What does the man imply about the woman?A She had a hard day yesterday
N 男人说明了关于女人的什么? A 她昨天过得很辛苦
(man) What a concert that was! You must be feeling pleased with yourselves.
M 那多么正确啊!你一定要为自己感到高兴
(woman) We are, and judging by the amount of applause, everybody appreciated it.
W 我们确实是,(我们表演的好坏)由掌声来进行判决,而我们所有人都感谢它。【意思就是观众给了她们很多掌声,说明她们被认可了,女人很高兴】
(narrator) What does the woman mean?A The audience seemed to like the concert.
N 女人什么意思? A 观众看起来喜欢这个音乐会


3.2 chloride ion penetration of concrete and experimental analysis of
For the reinforced concrete structures, chloride ions are very strong to the passivation agent. Adsorption of chloride ions in the steel passive film on the local, where the pH value can rapidly reduce the surface of steel can reduce the pH value to 4 below, thereby undermining the steel surface passive film to reveal iron matrix. Chloride ion, while not constituting corrosion products are not consumed in the corrosion process, but for the formation of corrosion intermediates act as a catalyst.
Respectively, beam, plate and column construction of sections of concrete at different multi-point, the depth of sampling, X-fluorescence analyzer test analysis of concrete samples, chloride ion content of 0.02% ~ 0.07%, and lower than the literature Light degree of salt spray zone alternating wet and dry environment, the chloride ion content of concrete under the 0.1% limit, therefore, may exclude chloride ion content of concrete materials, excessive rust on the reinforcement effect. Deep steel beams inside the sample a round face and kept intact the conclusion is also verifiable. Meanwhile, the same kind of outer core and the internal depth comparison tests of concrete, chloride ion content was significantly higher than the outer layer deep within the concrete, but also verify the chlorine ion salt spray on the reinforced concrete protective layer of the smaller erosion.
4. Other factors
4.1 Design Factors
that the mild salt spray zone ordinary construction, panels, beams and components protective layer not less than 30mm, respectively, and 40mm, while the project design document, plate, beams and columns of the protective layer is set, respectively 20mm and 25mm, were lower than the literature requires level; In addition, the salt spray zone for mild special construction, design documents only require the use of waterproof concrete, such as rust agents have not been clear requirements of other admixtures. More design errors become the cause of the lack of durability of construction after use of “birth defects.“
4.2 Construction Factors
Inspection of construction materials, the project construction time of 7 months to the end of September, beams, sheet steel batch approach the time in mid-July, concrete pouring time in late September, that is reinforced on-site storage for more than two months. Meteorological data showed that the regional air humidity of between 70% ~ 90%, and sooner or later, the sea fog often combined with deep steel beam sampling and the local construction of steel storage conditions, it can be inferred in the beam, slab of reinforced concrete before pouring into the affected Salt spray corrosion to varying degrees of rust, deep steel beams inside the sample of intercostal there is evidence rust spots.
From the first two we can see that in the construction process, the majority of the regional floor and beams stirrups protective layer is clearly insufficient. Carbon steel surface is not welcoming enough “carbon residue“ , resulting in a blunt steel surface quickly off into the activation state of rust stains in the original, based on the rapid development of rust, thereby causing cracks in protective layer for the salt spray and CO2 invasion created the conditions to become a serious corrosion of the project reinforced the main factor.
4.3 Structure of the work environment assessment
The building had no significant area of industrial pollution, low utilization of the garage, an indoor no other sources of pollution. Spread of sea fog at the project site during the construction of internal metal and glass attachment marked condensation or water film, causing the surface of wet components. This combination of test results of the analysis in Section 3.2, salt spray accelerated corrosion of the steel catalyst can not be ignored, especially given the underside of the stirrup with virtually no protective layer.
To sum up, the project reinforced the serious corrosion is mainly due to inadequate protection during the construction of steel storage caused by the initial corrosion of steel, the construction is completed through the concrete to protect a small thickness, resulting in a serious package of reinforced concrete carbonation, accelerated the rate of steel off blunt at the same time causing cracks along the reinforcement axis direction, accelerated erosion, salt chlorine and concrete reinforcement and the CO2 in alkaline environment speed. In the above several factors working together, there was a serious corrosion of reinforced.
5. Repair and reinforcement program
Analysis by the fourth quarter we can see that the project must address all these various factors on the durability of reinforced concrete structure repair and the bearing capacity of reinforcement processing, it is necessary to remove the original chloride ion penetration of reinforced the impact and recovery reinforcement around the strong alkaline environment, but also ensure that the overall structure of the work performance and durability of reinforcement measures. Bearing capacity of the respective pairs of plate bending, beam shear and flexural capacity, shear capacity of classification column reinforcement, concrete measures, such as shown in Table 5.1.
Table 5.1 Component Repair Treatment Measures
Type of component durability, or carrying capacity and damage repair measures
Beam and column elements remove the surface layer of the original decoration, brushing rust impregnating agent 2, to prevent the development of the internal steel corrosion spots.
Reinforced area of damage rate ≤ 5%
In addition to cutting the outer layer of reinforced concrete, reinforced as far as possible to eliminate the impact of rust stains on the steel surface rust; jet C35 fine aggregate concrete, fill the protective layer thickness, smooth out the conservation.

求助 翻译下这些句子

这些句子并不难理解,你觉得怪怪的可能因为不够熟练或对某些单词或词组比较生疏。做阅读理解实在有困难不妨多查阅词典、翻翻语法书,养成这样的好习惯后就可以无往不利了。学英语不要操之过急,需要一步一个脚印,慢慢的积累。以后有问题,欢迎提问,大家一起学习,共同提高! QQ: 395334918
1.It can be inferred from the last few sentences of the passage that the possibility of communicating with creatures on distant planets are not slim.
2.Professor Lloyd Kaufman cooperated with his son to carry out an experiment on the “moon illusion“.
在儿子的配合下,Lloyd Kaufman教授做了个“月径幻觉”实验。
3.It describes how a cobra egg turned into a tiny snake.
4.getting a glimpse of a cobra.
瞥一眼眼镜蛇 。
5.the little cobra is as frightening as its parents.
6.In fact,it is true in India that the cobra never strikes a man who does not intrude it.


首先这句话是个宾语从句,主句主语是it 谓语是be inferred 宾语是that 引导的从句。然后the author 是从句中的主语,be most likely to agree with 是谓语,which of the following statements regarding socioeconomic class and support for the rebel and Loyalist causes during the American Revolutionary War是从句中的宾语,
regarding socioeconomic class and support for 定语修饰the following statements



因此, 所以, 因而, 故, 乃, 爰
因此, 从此, 所以

that is why

for the reason that

  1. 我们胜利了,因此我们尽情欢乐。

    We are victorious, wherefore let us rejoice. 

  2. 他没听到回答声,因此他以为大家都己离开了。

    There was no reply, whence he inferred that all had gone. 

  3. 龙卷风即将来临,因此我们最好把这里的舱口封上,到地下室去。

    The tornado is coming, so we had better batten down the hatches here and get to the cellar.

  4. 因此我被他吸引了。

    Therefore that fascinates me. 

  5. 因此,我们不 得不将此事提交你处解决。

    Therefore we have to refer this matter to you. 

请教,这句英语如何翻译No legally binding guarantee of any properties can be inferred.



the extent to which
the extent 为 介词to的宾语
which 指代 the extent。
the extent to which research on mycorrhizal fungi has progressed
整个意思是:关于 mycorrhizal fungi 研究的进度。
It can be inferred from the passage that which of the following has NOT been a factor influencing the extent to which research on mycorrhizal fungi has progressed?

美国地质报告中描述资源量的 Measured,Indicated,Inferred这三个词该怎么翻译 参考下这个ppt,这三个词的代号分别是331 332 333 ,代号第三位表明地质的可靠程度,1=探明的,2=控制的,3=推断的,4=预测的