英语句子结构分解, 和 翻译

对不起,我很努力地尝试过但是实在是翻译不下去了。据我的英语语法和语感知识,这句话中有一些地方实在是分解不下去。The element entered into the PSSA process included a complete list of the initial safety requirements derived from the aircraft level and wheel brake system FHA’s and common cause analysises本来到这里意思是十分清晰的,就是:该元素或是部件进入到PSSA流程中;该元素包含初始的安全要求清单;该安全要求源自飞行器水平和FHA’s轮子制动系统以及常见原因分析。
可是到了后边就比较混乱了。冒出个:details from the design proposals that were reviewed to satisfy these requirements本来这个分句的意思也还是明显的,即“经过审核用以满足这些要求的设计方案的细节”。可是后边的
and assessement of the design decisions untaken for establishment of derived from safety requirements for systems and installations.如果说勉强串起来的话,只能做这样理解: 以及设计决定的评估,这些决定是为系统和安装安全要求所作出的决定。但是里边有一个 for establishment of derived from safety requirement…这里的结构就有点混乱。比较令人头疼的是是这个of出现得很突然,让意群断掉了,实际上不符合英语的文法的。




建筑业 翻译

Architecture industry peasant laborer workers’ compensation insurance flaw’s reason and the countermeasure analyze
The peasant laborer mostly to be engaged in these to be most painstakingly, most tired, the most dangerous work. The architecture industry belongs to the labor-intensive form profession, it buys in every year the peasant laborer occupies the countryside to enter a city the work personnel total 1/3; It is also the high dangerous profession, mostly the injury on job occurs on the peasant laborer body. Because has not made the safeguard with it match’s workers’ compensation insurance, therefore the establishment perfect architecture industry peasant laborer workers’ compensation insurance system, protects this more and more formidable minority groups, is the current enterprise, the government and the entire society’s important task. Because this article on the architecture industry peasant laborer insured rate low, the injury on job initiation’s contradiction many, the illegal Construction’s peasant laborer injury on job recognized that has the legal blank, the injury on job to recognize with disposal procedure complex and so on aspects to the architecture industry peasant laborer workers’ compensation insurance present situation, from the construction profession’s characteristic, the laws and regulations, the government function, the building enterprise and the peasant laborer own and so on aspects carries on the analysis to its flaw’s reason, and aimed at these reasons to propose the related countermeasure. Has indicated the advance path and the direction for the establishment perfect architecture industry peasant laborer workers’ compensation insurance system.
key word: Peasant laborer workers’ compensation insurance architecture industry


1.主体:我认为用main subject/part/block比较好,main element不太好,感觉是游离于(或除)主版块之外的最重要的因素,element这个词的整体性感觉不强; an important role:应为plays;
3.传统的城市绿地调查多采用人工普查并结合统计学方法进行城市绿地调查:The investigation of traditional urban virescence mainly by combining artificial investigation with statistic method,这句还行,不过感觉句子不够紧凑,因为你的系动词没有,最好改为The traditional urban virescence investigation is carried out mainly by……,而且普查的“普”字没有出来,普查是board investigation;
4.needs a great amount of people and money:这句很生硬,最好改为need more investment in HR(human resource) and money;
5.但得到的数据精度和现时性都较差:but the data received doesn’t have well precision(/accuracy) and present performance;
6.But by combining high resolution remote sensing data with geographic information systems method we can extract urban virescence data and precisely count its spatial distribution: 这句有几点要说明:1)卫星数据:satellite data;
2)可以达到对城市绿地遥感数据的快速特征提取和准确的空间统计分析。这个并没有说明是“谁”可以达到,你若强加一个主语“we”,这个句子就显得非常的主观,将原句的客观性抹杀干净了。应表达为:fast extraction of urban virescence data and precise space statistical analysis can be achieved.
最后这一句很长,整个句子比较复杂,翻译的时候要注意保持一个主语,一个时态。应为:the artical discussed the urban virescence landscape classify theory and method using remote data based on the features of satellite remote data, and hereby,and takes Shenzhen city as an example which divided the greenbelt landscape into 4 kinds:public greenbelt, road greenbelt, landscape & ecological environmental greenbelt and auxiliary greenbelt. the information of each kind of greenbelt is extracted and analyzed to find out how to realize the reasonable construction of urban virescence and optimitzes the space struction with limited land resources, to make the ecological benefit and using funtion of urban virescence be developed adequatdy and efficiently.


The pyrite quality score reaches to a 5.3-7.0 Ws(B) in purple Kingsoft copper gold mine bed/10-2, mainly have two kinds of crystal appearances-the crystallization intact and fine cake form.Two content’s comparison is:37:63;Its formulating generation, crystallization appearance, category with other elements, content and show Zhao with the symbiosis difference of other minerals.Adopt mineral identification apparatus, chemical analysis, electron probe, electron microscopy, the light grid spectrum, infrared spectrum, IR etc. analyse, carry on a mineralogy research to that pyrite, result enunciation:Two kinds of pyrites is three generation resultantses and cause to become a different crystal form;The chemistry component, electron probe, electron microscopy noodles, line which crystallizes an intact pyrite scans analyse and express that it belongs to the familiar pyrite type in the vulcanized mineral deposit;The fine cake form pyrite belongs to more special type, in its chemistry component the Cu, As content is to crystallize an intact pyrite of 15-1800%, the W, Zn, Ni etc. content variety are big.Pass systematic analysises, such as the analyse, chemical formula calculation of the polished section, sand polished section, infrared spectrum, IR and electron probe, electron microscopy…etc., explain these elements and it the major element Fe, S don’t present an isomorphism, allomerism to act for a relation, and confirm to wrap up to have a very small blue chalcocite, the copper mine of sulfur arsenic among them or yellow tin mine etc. mineral, cause the Cu, As, W, Zn etc. element in the component higher with motion.
Actually measure to show minute details the density 5.031-4.987 gs/cm 3, the 882-845 Kgs/mm of the microhardness 2,(about 6.55-6.35) , measure the reflectivity R54.10-53.50(leuco -).
Keyword:Pyrite-the crystallization be intact, pyrite-fine cake form, mineralogy characteristic, chemical element characteristic, very small inclusion, purple Kingsoft copper gold mine.
补充的:Form 4 with fine cake form close vulcanized mineral main electron probe, electron microscopy of the minor element content of the pyrite symbiosis analyze result


The acceleration of progress in economic globalization and trade internationalization has intensified the enterprise competition, the essence of which is competition among supply chains.
And in such a system, logistics plays an important role, especially when it comes the forms which has gained great attention among people, named the third or fourth party logistics.
This text selective analysises the characteristic of these two forms of logistics, and proposes that mutual benefit and high efficiency depends on the coordinated development of the two logistics forms.
工程制图 engineering drawing
房屋建筑学 building construction
工程地质与土力学 engineering geology and soil mechanics
management and progress control in work of construction projects
建筑材料 building materials
建筑结构 architectural construction
工程力学 engineering mechanics
建筑设备工程 building facilities engineering
建筑与装饰施工工艺,construction and decoration technology
建筑装饰工程预算,Budget for Decoration Project
建筑安装工程预算,Budget for Intallation Project
建设法规 Construction Regulation
工程造价控制,Control of Project Cost
Construction project estimate and budget by (detailed) list
建筑装饰与构造 architectural decoration and construction
公路工程 highway engineering


媛的英语表示是:pretty girl。意思是漂亮的女孩子。



英译:The summarization and abstraction of these two categories of images was based upon the view to women of this era. 


英译:Shi Shuo Xin Yu is the text writed by a group of man, which words is rich in male color. But in some proprietary charters ( such as Xian Yuan chapter) .


英译:middle period of Qing dynasty analysises Huizhou women poets,discussed 41 Huizhou women poets, focuses the female literature in the time of huizhou prosperity. 





跪求 哪位英语高手帮我翻译一下下面的文字

Fly technically along with the network to develop and make widely available soon, the calculator network is entering the university campus with the more and more quick speed, becoming university student’s daily life important one part, is the important means that the university student obtains the information, the study knowledge, recreational amusement, is also important tool of their social association.Be a kind of new social intercourse method, have it the fresh and clear ages characteristics and the community applicabilities.The university student makes use of the network chat, E-mail, the BBS forum etc. the form carries on the network social intercourse, developping the new social intercourse realm, satisfy the social intercourse need of different layer, and make use of these social intercourses form to carry on network’s make friends to love with net.The network breaks the timespace and societies to limit, satisfying the social intercourse need of the university student’s many reverse sides, brought some negative influence for university student again at the same time, so aim at the university student the main form and contentses of the network social intercourse behavior, carried on the overall inquisition and analysises.Thus and further understand the network social intercourse and recognize the pure problem, according to the research result to a suggestion that aims at.


The total retail sales of consumer goods, as key measures to assess the national economic development, could reflect the improvement of people’s material and cultural life and the size and situation of retail market in a given period of time.
The 2008 financial crisis swept the globe, including China. Thus the concerning about economic indicators such as GDP and social retail goods has been unprecedentedly great by people from all walks of life, with all sorts of analysises and predictions.
Based on the background of such predictions, this study makes a quantitative prediction of total retail sales of consumer goods with an approach of time series analysis.
文章首先概述了对时间序列的预处理及ARMA 模型的基本思想,然后利用SAS 软件对我国2002-2010年的社会消费品零售总额建立了ARIMA 模型,该模型较好地消除了时间序列趋势的变动和季节的影响,较好地刻画了序列的变化。
Firstly, a general description about the basic thoughts of the preprocessing of time series and the model of ARMA. Then the model is built with SAS to present the total retail sales during the years from 2002 to 2010. As the trend factor and seasonal factor has been removed, this model can illustrates the variations of series in a favorable way.
The short-term prediction is made finally with a confidence interval of 95%.
The results demonstrated that the prediction by this model have accuracy and efficiency in the short term.


呵呵,文献研究 literature search
历史计量分析:historical quantitative analysis
historical quantitative analysises