at odds with desc c

请问句子中at oddsbe described这部分的语法,还有最后半句是同位语吗

1) be不是多余的。因为这是couldnt be A or be B结构
2)or at odds with the feverish world be described in Overdressed,有句序倒装,强调!原句序应为or be described at odds with the feverish world in Overdressed
3)This top-down conception of the fashion business是主语couldn’t be是系动词more out of date or at odds with the feverish world be described in Overdressed是表语Elizabeth Cline’s three-year indictment of “fast fashion“.是同位语
句子意思:这种自上而下的时尚概念业务不可能更过时或不可能在’’过分着装’’中描述成与狂热的世界起冲突,’’过分着装’’即 伊丽莎白·克莱恩为期三年的“快时尚”的指控。

“at odds”的用法问题~ 表示“不一致”时,是语言上的还是行为上的不一致

if two statements,descriptions,actions etc.are at odds with each other,they are different although they should be the same



参考He doesn’t have arms or legs.

这里的be 多余吗感觉如果be 去掉,后面就是非谓语修饰world

如果实在分不清句子当中的谓语动词与非谓动词,那么就把句子当中的动词全部找出来:couldn’t be  be described


重点的“OR”这个单词,这里or 连接的两个并列部分应当是This top-down conception of the fashion business

所以完整的句子应该是This top-down conception of the fashion business couldn’t be more out of date


This top-down conception of the fashion business at oddswith(与…不和,与…争吵)the feverish world (which was) described in ……时装行业自上而下的理念与狂热的现实世界很不一致;

从句是系表结构,省略后句子结构完整的情况下的which is可以省略
如:  This is the book (which is) written by Thomas.

题句中which was省略用Be

be at odds 是什么意思呀

be at odds 英[bi: æt ɔdz] 美[bi æt ɑdz]
[词典] 不和;
[例句]Global ecological efforts can easily be at odds with local ecologies.

at odds中文是什么意思

t odds 英[æt ɔdz] 美[æt ɑdz]
adv. 争执,不一致;
[例句]He was at odds with his Prime Minister

“at odds”的用法问题~

“sb is at odds (with sb over sth)“ means there is a big difference between each other.当两个人或双方意见不一致,有矛盾的时候,我们说Those two are at odds.At odds这个词组,用英文解释就是“in disagreement“。
He’s always at odds with his father over politics.
另外一个由“odds“组成的常用短语是“odds and ends“,我们可以用这个短语来形容“零碎的东西,零星杂物“(small articles of various kinds, without much value)。

at odds with中文是什么意思

at odds with 英[æt ɔdz wið] 美[æt ɑdz wɪð]
[词典] 与…不和,与…争吵;
[例句]He was at odds with his Prime Minister


You will unconsciously in accordance with said predicted to achieve it. In this there is nothing super-scientific stuff there. At odds with the skeptics point of view is the “Book of Changes“ in 5000 years, are the best-selling book, which is used to predict fortune telling, spiritual therapy, and they are favored by Shanghai tycoons, but in the past decade “ the Book of Changes, “was only considered to be end of the world’s oracle, which is called from a controversial scholar Terence Mckenna talking about. Terence Mckenna, as an Asian intellectuals have been active in the 1980 to 1990, he used a mathematical expression to analyze the map, “Book of Changes“, and convert it into a time of year on behalf of.
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